Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling

Date: TBA
Location: Nordkraft, Kjellerups Torv 1, 9000 Aalborg

Age group m/f
18-100 years 

Men           Women
Right: 70 kg   Right: under 65 kg
Right: 70-80 kg   Right: over 65 kg
Right: 80-90 kg   Left: All weights
Right: 90-100 kg    
Right: over 100 kg    
Left: All weights    

Arm Wrestling: 
Arm Wrestling is a strenght sport. 

Two athletes will compete to push the opponent's hand down to a table where both athletes' elbows are resting. 

It is a sport that combines strength, technique, endurance and tactics. 

The Tournament will be held as "double elimination". Double elimination means that you will leave the tournament when you have lost to matches in the competing arm. 

The groups for the tournament will be randomly made before competition start. 

Two professional arm wrestlers will make sure that all participants are informed about security and the rules. They will also inform the competitors about the right way to warm up.

After the competition the audience will get the opportunity to try arm wrestling against professionals and learn more about arm wrestling. 

Weight Classes: 
If there is to few participants in a weight class, they will be moved to a higher level. 

In addition to a competition in each weight class, there will be an overall competition where the top 3 from each weight class will meet and compete to be the strongest firefighter for each gender. 

The rules will follow international standards (WAF). The competition will be on a professional and certified table where both competitors will be standing. 

Both competitors grab each other's hand and place the elbow on a pad. The competitors will grab a special handle (placed on each side of the table) with the non-competing hand. 

Competitors must hold on to this handle during the competition and at least one leg must be on the ground. 

A competition will always be judged by two referees who are responsible for the competition. 

For a complete list of rules we refer to:

The most important rules are listed below: 

  • Only professional referees will be judging
  • International approved arm wrestling tables will be used 
  • The groups for the tournament will be randomly made before competition start
  • 2 fails result in a lost battle
  • Instructions from referees has to be followed
  • Possible mistakes will be introduced before the beginning of the competition

Weighing procedure: 
Weigh-in will take place just before the competition. If the weight is higher than the listed levels you will be moved to a higher level. 


The program is subject to change. 

09.00-09.45: Enrollment and weighing
09.45-10.15: Introduction of rules, positions, beginning etc.
10.15-10.30: Warm up for athletes
10.30-11.30: Competition Women (first left, then right)
11.30-13.30: Competition Men (first left, then right)
13.30-14.00: Overall Women - Right (Strongest Firefighter - Women)
14.00-14.30: Overall Men - Right (Strongest Firefighter - Men)
14.30-16.00: Competition will be open for the audience 

Only short sleeves or sleeveless shirts will be allowed during competition. Competitors are not allowed to use protection for elbows or wrists. 

It is not allowed to wear any kind of rings, watches, wristbands etc. 

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