Firehouse Cook Off

Firehouse Cook-Off

Date: TBA
Location: Tech College, Rørdalsvej 10, 9000 Aalborg

Age group m/f
18-100 years

Max. number of participants
38 teams (2 participants on each team)


Firehouse Cook-Off contest

The firehouse cook-off contest is open to any team consisting of two members regardless of gender and age.

Contestants can cook a dish of their own choice. Cooking time is limited to three hours.

The organizer will provide each team US dollars 50 to purchase grocery ingredients at a designated market before the competition starts. Contestants will be driven by bus to the market where the groceries can be purchased.

Essential spices and basic cooking items are provided by the organizers, but contestants should bring any spices or any other items if it is unlikely that they can be purchased in Denmark.

The team's dish will be judged on:

  • Preparation and cleanliness during the cooking process
  • Technique
  • Presentation and creativity
  • Taste

Competition rules may be subject to change.


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