Firetruck Challenge

Firetruck Challenge

Date: Monday, May 17 - Tuesday, May 18
Location: Køreteknisk Anlæg - Støvring, Hæsumvej 57, 9530 Støvring

Age group m/f
+18 years

Lead entity
Nordjylland Beredskab

Max. 50 participants

Equipment and requirements

  • The driver must be 18 years and have a driver's license that allows driving with an 18-ton firetruck in the driver's home country. 
  • A copy of the driver's license must be submitted on the competition day


  • Each participant must within a time limit of 5 minutes try to make the best possible time through the course.
  • An 18-ton firetruck will be used for the competition. The firetruck will have automatic transmission and will be equipped according to current Danish law - this means, among other things, that the steering wheel is in the left side of the car. 
  • The timing will start and stop when the start/finish line is passed. The total time will be calculated as driving time + penalty time for affected cones etc.
  • Only laps that are fully completed will count in the total time.
  • The participant can drive as many laps as possible within the time limit of 5 minutes.
  • The best overall time for the participant counts in the competition to win Firetruck Challenge. 
  • The following will be a part of the competition:
    • S-curve with narrow conditions
    • Parallel parking
    • Slalom through cones
    • 3-point turn
    • Tray in "garage"

Penalty time

  • The different parts of the competition must be solved in specific order. The specific order will be announced on the day for the competition. 
  • A penalty time of 20 seconds is added each time the participant makes a mistake.
  • The sokution of each part of the competition and things that will be categorized as mistakes will be instructed when reviewing the course on the competition day. 

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