Historical Walking tour of Aalborg

Historical Walking tour of Aalborg - 3 hours

Explore the beautiful Nytorv and Jens Bang's Stone House. Built in 1624, this five-story, ornate Renaissance house was the largest private home in Denmark, and today it is considered one of the city's great treasures. There is a funny aspect to the house too, as it was rumoured that its wealthy and cantankerous owner, merchant Jens Bang, had the faces of his enemies caricatured in the grotesque stone faces that you can see on the building’s façade.

Visit the Monastery of the Holy Ghost, established in 1451 as a part of a hospitalorder that originated in France. It is one of the best-preserved medieval establishments in Denmark, and a great example of an early welfare institution that cared for the sick, the old and the orphaned. The monastery now serves as a home for senior citizens.

Back outside, discover the charming Old Town with your guide. As you stroll down the pedestrian street, you will walk on top of where the ruins of the Monastery of the Greyfriars are located underground. Franciscan Friars built this monastery around 1250 and was torn down in the late 1500s.

We continue to Hjelmerstald, completed by beautiful hollyhocks and cobblestone streets, which was a residential area for some of Aalborg’s poorest citizens in the 17th century. Today, Hjelmerstald is home to some of the most charming and beautiful old houses in Aalborg. They are now inhabited by private persons who want to live in this highly fashionable and expensive setting.

On your way to the harbour you will see how Aalborg is reviving its waterfront district by demolishing the old industrial facilities and replacing them with new and exciting architecture. Look out for Aalborghus Castle near the waterfront -- it is a half-timbered, 16th-century castle built by King Christian III, which became the seat of the King's provincial governors in Northern Europe.


Special Operating Notes

Tour may operate in different order than Advertised. It is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes.


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