The Edge of The Continent 2020

Skagen - Seabourn

This trip will take you to Skagen – known for the beautiful light created by reflections from the sea. Many famous artists have been inspired by the stunning light, the fine landscape, and the picturesque surroundings – discover Skagen and see the light.

The small fishing village of Skagen is Denmark’s northern-most town and its origins can be traced back to the 13th century. For centuries, fishing trade alone sustained the small community and as late as 1890 there were still no roads connecting the small town to the rest of Denmark. However, for the past 100 years, tourism has overtaken the fishing trade, making Skagen one of Denmark’s most popular holiday destinations – sometimes doubling or tripling the 8000-strong population over summer.

Just before arriving in Skagen, you will stop to see the Buried Church – a 14th century parish church that has fallen victim to the migrating sand dunes of the area. Today, only the tower remains visible above the sand.

Board a comfortable coach for the 90-minute drive north to Skagen, where you can visit Denmark’s most northerly point, ’Grenen’, where the two seas, the Skagerak and the Kattegat, meet. Board a tractor trolley for the drive through the sand to the very tip and enjoy the view of two oceans clashing temperamentally over the sandy spit. Along the way, you will also see Skagen’s collection of lighthouses; the oldest wooden bascule light from 1627, the White Lighthouse from 1747 and the still active Grey Lighthouse from 1858.

After the visit to Grenen, you will drive into Skagen city, where you will be swept up in the charm of the town with colourful, wooden warehouses on the waterfront, traditional wooden fishing boats bobbing in the harbour and the characteristic low, 18th century yellow houses with red tile roofs nestled into the beach dunes. Once you arrive to Skagen city, you are free to spend your time as you would like, and it is up to you where you would like to have lunch. You could visit Skagen Museum where you can see some of the finest Danish Golden Age paintings, created by the “Skagen Painters”, or you could go for a stroll around the city and explore all that it has to offer.


Duration approx.: 7 hours

Activity level: Moderate

Services included: Transport Service; Guide Service; Entrance fee;

Notes: Tour may operate in reverse order; It is a 90 min. drive from

Aalborg to Skagen.; Uneven terrain walking


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