Voergaard Manor House

Voergaard Manor House - 3 hours


Board your motor coach and head to Voergaard Manor House, where you are about to meet a rich treasure trove, which opens to reveal an entire storybook.

Upon arrival, past the wide moat and the metre-thick walls, Denmark’s most beautiful renaissance Manor House, holding the scariest ghost stories and finest private art collection, appears.

Dive into a history-steeped guided tour and discover all the amazing stories the Manor has to tell. The Manor House is decorated and furnished just as it was by the last owner, Count Oberbech-Clausen. It was he who created the large collection of furniture, antiques, paintings, porcelain and silverware from his possessions in France, including treasures from Louis XIV, Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette's personal effects as well as works by Rubens, Raphael, Goya and El Greco.

The count had made his fortune in France and married the widow of Compte Chenu-Lafitte. The countess was the daughter of the famous surgeon Péan and much of the Manor’s extensive art collection comes from these families. In 1963, Oberbech-Clausen dies and Voergaard is made over to a family trust, the aim of which is to preserve the castle for posterity and keep the art collection open to the public.

Continue your tour to Voer Church, where Ingeborg Skeel rests. The Danish noblewoman, land owner and county sheriff resided at Voergaard between 1588 – 1591. She was the one who expanded the Manor to a fine Renaissance castle, before throwing the architect into the moat. Or at least, that is what the rumor says.

Return drive to Aalborg.


Important Tour Notes:

Tour might be operated in different order than advertised. Forcing of Cobble stones in front of castle. No photography allowed in Voergaard Manor House. Tasting of Péans wine included in the guided tour. No inside visits in Voer Church during religious services.


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