West Coast & Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

West Coast & Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse - 5 hours



This scenic tour will take you on a magnificent drive where you will learn about the strong influence of the natural forces in northern Jutland and experience the real Danish small-town charm up close.

Enjoy the scenic drive towards your first stop; Rubjerg Knude – a place that dramatically illustrates the powerful and unforgiving forces of nature that characterizes this region. Rubjerg Knude lighthouse was built in 1900 on top of a 60 meters coastal slope, approx. 200 meters from the sea. As coastal erosion tore away at the slope, sand blew up and formed a massive dune that eventually covered the lighthouse building. Additionally, the coast had eroded to only a couple of meters from the lighthouse and experts believed that the lighthouse would vanish into the sea within the next few years, and therefore it has recently been successfully moved 80 meter away from the coastline. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience one of Denmark’s most beautiful sites. Follow your guide to a leisurely stroll in the mighty sand dunes or climb the steps to the top of the old lighthouse.

Your next stop is the village of Lønstrup, a former fishing village – today a charming pearl located right by the North Sea. You are free to spend the time you are in Lønstrup, approx. an hour and a half, as you please. The village is a popular holiday venue for artists, arts and craftsmen, actors and composers whom trough time have contributed to the ‘artistic touch’ throughout the village. If you would like, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a sweet treat at Den Blå Café, located in Lønstrup’s old cinema building, or go for a casual stroll down the main road of Lønstrup Village, which is scattered with glass blowers, potters, jewelry artists and small galleries. You also have the chance to take the short walk down to the beach, where the local fishing cotters are lined up. After your encounter with the rough nature and the warm small-town-charm, sit back and relax while listening to one last story from your guide on your journey back to your ship.


Important Tour Notes:

Tour may operate in reverse order.


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